Friday, May 11, 2012

tonight is my last night in firenze - in about 24 hours, i'll be back in new jersey, ready to curl up in my big comfy bed, air conditioning, with my pup marley.  i honestly don't even know how to feel about going home.  it's hard to explain the feeling to anyone who has not shared this experience, it's almost like this whole semester was a dream (if that makes any sense).  i have to admit i am excited to get back to america, but here are some things i'll definitely miss about living in florence:

the best food in the entire world
unlimited gelato
the leather market (i'll even miss being hit on by the creepy men)
pizza man (pretty much all these things have to do with food)
not real school
fresh fruit at the markets
family dinners with my roommates
cheap wine
hanging out in our bat cave
sun bathing on santa croce
playing with cats in the gardens

i didn't realize how much i'm going to miss it here until tonight - sitting on the stairs at piazzale michelangelo, overlooking the city and the sunset, listening to a woman with dreads play her ukulele and sing it's a wonderful world.  doesn't get much better than that.

arrivederci firenze! see you later (maybe?)!

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