Sunday, May 6, 2012

just got back from amalfi coast this weekend, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. i went with some friends from florence through a tour group for students, we stayed in sorrento and took some day trips to capri, positano and pompei. friday we took a boat tour around the island of capri, went inside the blue grotto - a cave with glowing blue water that is one of the seven wonders of the world - explored the island, took a one-man chairlift up to the top of anacapri, tasted some limoncello and got some custom made sandals.
on our way to capri
inside the blue grotto
tunnel of love
natural arch shaped like an elephant
chair lift to anacapri

making my sandals
took a ride in an open air taxi... wish they had these in america
saturday was our beach day. we headed down to positano early in the morning, and of course as soon as we got on the beach, the sun hid behind storm clouds and it got freezing cold. despite the ominous clouds, we still hopped on a boat to go cave swimming and cliff jumping. we jumped off the boat to swim through a cave in what ended up being jelly-fish-infested waters. luckily, i dodged all the jelly fish with my expert swimming skills and was one of the only one's who didn't get stung (psh who am i kidding, i just got lucky). but after the near-death experience, i was too wiped to jump back into that water off of a cliff. i can only handle so much adrenaline in one day. when we got back to the beach, we took a walk, found some another new cat friend, and then the sun came out 10 minutes before we left. typical murphy's law. it was still a good day. and absolutely beautiful and breath taking.
sitting on the beach in positano
here come the clouds...

on the boat to cave swimming
cave with billions of jellies
caroline and sweetest cat alive
cat and me playing
today was our last day in amalfi - we took an early bus to pompei and wandered around the ruins that were uncovered from a mount vesuvius eruption thousands of years ago.
ruins in pompei

pups taking a nap

frozen man from the volcano eruption
 it was a great weekend, but i'm happy to be home in florence. and with only a week to go! how did that happen?? time flies.

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  1. wow, beautiful! and the cats just keep coming!!