Saturday, February 4, 2012

devoured these babies in 0.5 seconds
found the secret bakery.  (there's a secret bakery about 2 minutes away from my apartment--only locals know about it, it's only open super late at night, and can only be found by smell...)  my friends and i happened upon it on our way home the other night--the smell of warm bread and pastries practically hit us in the face, and when we turned around we saw two old italian men rolling dough behind a glass door.  we went in and the bakers mumbled something in italian and then handed us a couple chocolate filled croissants.  they tasted like heaven.

also, ate dinner at "the diner" last night.  i was craving a little something from home, and the diner made me the best american hamburger i've had in my life.  the place was really cute inside--kinda like an italian moogy's (everybody from bc knows what i'm talking about).
italian moogy's
by the way, made some italian friends while singing karaoke...
new friend franco


  1. I am soooo jealous of the secret bakery and the chocolate croissants. :0)

  2. i want to see the secret footage of you singing karaoke!!! please!!!!