Sunday, January 29, 2012

it may be hard to believe, but the cats in florence aren't even the best part. here are some highlights from the past couple days...

on friday night, caroline and i stopped into the liquor store around the corner to buy a bottle of wine for dinner.  should have been easy, right?  wrong.  first, we got harassed by an old man beggar who came in and had a laughing fit when he saw the cashier's baby (did i mention the cashier had her little baby girl in a crib next the to the cash register?) anyway, as soon as he left, the woman ran outside, looked both ways, yelled something to us in italian, and then ran off with our money.  caroline and i just stood in the liquor store wondering if we'd just paid 50 euros for this woman's baby... we were pretty relieved when she came back five minutes later with change for the wine.

other than that, we've mostly been wandering around, enjoying gelato and the scenery.  today, we spent the day in pisa and i captured some precious poses in front of the leaning tower.  enjoy!

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