Saturday, January 21, 2012


hey guys!  well, i've got my bags almost packed and will be heading off to firenze tomorrow for my semester abroad.  as you may know, i will be studying at florence university of the arts and living right in the heart of the city.  i'll be interning at the florentine --an english-speaking newspaper in florence--and taking classes in writing, photography, etc. (hopefully i'll be able to share some of my work here with you all once i get started).  i have to admit i'm pretty nervous and will definitely miss my family, friends, and of course bc, but i can't wait to get over to italy.  i've been craving a change of scenery for awhile now, and i think the italian lifestyle will be perfect for me.  the italians have an old expression that kind of explains their way of life: "il dolce far niente,"  literally meaning "the sweetness of doing nothing" or "delicious idleness."  it is the absence of chaos and busy work; it is being still long enough for life to refuel you and show you what is important.  if you know me well, you know i am the best at doing nothing, and  even though i won't be doing nothing these next few months, i'm excited to finally get the chance to be still and indulge in everything that makes me happy.

i'm not sure if the internet access in florence will quite measure up to america's, but i'll try to get on here to update you all of my travels as often as i can.  arrivederci, america, see you later!


  1. Oh to be free and 21 again! Great adventures, great wine and memories for a lifetime. Enjoy!!

  2. So glad you decided to do a blog! Can't wait for updates on how things are going. Have fun!
    Love you!

  3. Seeing this blog makes me happy. I'm so excited for you and if it's ok,maybe just a little envious of your coming adventure. :) jk
    I look so forward to hearing about your discoveries and learning more about this "il dolce far niente". That alone sounds awesome to me.
    Love you.

  4. my dear sweetie girl, i am so proud of you! you will be a beautiful addition to firenze!! I love you and will be thinking of you every minute. mom

  5. Hi Liz - have a GREAT trip!!! Can't wait to visit! Love, Dad