Saturday, April 14, 2012

i was so happy to have my dad and alex here this past week.  we spent easter together in santa margherita--one of the most beautiful places on earth.  it was right on the coast and our hotel overlooked the bay, filled with tons of boats.  there were palm trees and brightly colored houses all along the shore line.  we took a train to cinque terre one day, where the houses were built into the hills all along the ocean.  my dad and i took a path between towns, called via dell'amore, and had lunch at a little cafe built into the cliff.  then we hiked between two other towns--we weren't exactly looking for some intense mountain climbing, we just thought it would be another casual trail like the one before.  but instead we walked up and down a billion stone stairs in the mountains.  on easter, we took a boat to portofino, another seaside town.  then back to florence: we pretty much saw all of florence in one day--from piazzale michelangelo to the top of the duomo, and from palazzo pitti and the boboli gardens to piazza signoria and the ponte vecchio.  after one exhausting day of being their tour guide, we spent the rest of the week relaxing, catching up and eating lots and lots of delicious italian food.
alex, dad and me on our hotel balcony
pretty boats in the bay
cinque terre
love locks on via dell'amore
via dell'amore
the stairs that went forever
there were so many cats in cinque terre
me and alex on the boat to portofino on easter
view of portofino
santa margherita
alex and florence
i'm so blessed that i got to spend a week with two of my favorite people in the world.  we had a lot of fun, and i miss them already!

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